Why Do Dogs Run Away? Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere? The Reasons Why Dogs Howl

Do you want to know things about dogs? Dogs are great pets to have. They are very playful and also very loving towards it’s human. Dogs are also very helpful in may things, with dogs you’ll be able to go for daily walks maybe even runs during the morning which can start you and your dog’s day in a very good start, Let’s see some things about dogs, shall we?

There is never a month where I do not hear about a dog running away from their home in my neighborhood. It’s a very devastating time, seeing signs stuck onto the pole and your phone buzzing because of frantic messages and photos. There are a lot of dogs that can be found pretty fast, but there are also some that can’t be found and returned home. Now the main question here is, why do our dogs run away? I’ll be giving you reasons why our dogs run away when we understand our dogs' motives. It can help with giving better protection for them. Let’s get onto it!

  • The Opportunity

We know that our dogs don’t stay up at night, just planning their great escape from their own home. A breakout is usually a very spontaneous thing. The reason for that is an opportunity for them to arise. Maybe the gates of your home were left open, maybe one of your visitors forgot to close the door, or maybe Princess dug her way out. We dog parents should always be aware when there an opportunity where the princess can roam the whole neighborhood without any supervision. They’ll be a good chance that he wouldn’t hesitate to go for the opportunity.

  • Finding A Mate

Males that are unneutered, and females that are unspayed, possibly have stronger urges more frequently. This means that they want to go out and find a mate for themselves. If your neighborhood has a female cat that’s in heat and you own a male cat that’s unfixed, there is a high chance that your male cat will try to escape. When this happens, he just wants to answer the call of nature.

  • Wants to Move into A New Home

Many of us get excited when we are moving to a new home. But what about dogs? Probably not that much. Moving to a new home for our dogs means that everything that they are familiar with is gone. It is not that uncommon when you hear that your dog has escaped when you try to settle down in your new home. A lot of dogs try to go and find a way back to their old home. If moving into a new home for you is stressful, just imagine what your dog is feeling.

  • The Fear

Mainly loud noises. A lot of dogs get scared with sudden noises, for example, fireworks during the 4th of July, a strong thunderstorm, or maybe a loud house party. Always remember to put your dog in a safe place inside your home when there are loud noises and when there is something crazy happening. What is fun for us humans can be very frightening for our dogs. When well-behaved dogs catch fear, they will suddenly try to run away. Every 4th of July is the day when many dogs try to run away from their homes.

  • The Boredom

Like us, humans, dogs do not just want to sit in a lonely room doing nothing at all. We should make sure that our dog’s body and mind are well stimulated. Giving them a nice long walk can leave his morning with a good start. If you do not have the time for walks, remember to keep interactive games in a place that our dog can reach, this will keep our dog’s mind in a busy state. Our dogs will not seek any amusement if they are getting the right amount of stimulation, both physical and mental.

  • Chasing A Prey

It’s one of a dog's natural instincts, chasing prey. Any animal that roaming in your yard can trigger the hunting instinct of a dog. If your dog likes to go for hunts, it’s best to make sure that there are no escape routes for him. The thing that you do not want is your dog running around the neighborhood trying to catch a cat or something else.

Now let’s go to the question that most of you want to know, and that is why does my dog follow me everywhere? While this kind of behavior can be cute at first, they can get tiresome. A dog that’s clingy can be a sign of a very serious problem. Let’s get onto the second problem.

  • Dogs Are Very Social Animals

A reason that a lot of training for dogs is established for you to be a so-called “ the leader of the pack “ is that our dogs did live in packs. Dogs do not really have a streak of independence, and instead, dogs thrive for the company.

The humans and also the animals which are in a dog’s home are its own pack. The brain of our dog releases chemicals made out of happiness when the members of its pack are present, in a natural way, dogs want that feeling to keep going. When our dog is away from its own pack, he will feel anxious and scared. The reason is that they do not have the aid that is always craved.

  • Dogs Can Get Very Curious at What Humans Are Doing

All dogs are inquisitive animals. Our dogs always watch us and also follow us everywhere, trying to figure out what we are doing. They do not fully understand how the human brain works or why we humans do a lot of regular activities, so they want to know or understand. So, when your dog is staring at you again while you do your homework, remember that’s the reason why you are wasting all your time when both of you could just be snuggling.

  • Our Dog Might Be Ill

If your dog suddenly starts following you everywhere and also starts to act clingy, the cause of it might be some sort of illness. Our dogs do not always understand what illness is, so for them, it can be confusing and even scary. If you have been noticing your dog being clingy with some other signs of an illness, you should talk to a doctor so you can find out if it’s a kind of illness that is causing them to be clingy.

It doesn’t matter you live. I know that you have probably heard dog howls at night. Have you been wondering what the reasons why dogs howl? Well, I’m here, and I’ll show you the reasons, so let’s get to it!

  • It’s A Community Organizing and Also A Homing Beacon

After a hunt of a pack, the wolves and other feral dogs howl so that the scouts are brought back. The dogs that are remained behind howl as well  so that they can provide where they are. This is one of the reasons why dogs howl. A howl is a so-called homing beacon for our dogs. It’s also called some sort of lighthouse that can guide other members of the pack back at their base.

Our howling pets can have the same expression, particularly is we have been outside all day. Our dogs howl beckoning the ones they love back home.

  • It’s A Boundary Demarcation and Also A Defense Mechanism

It is a signal for other dogs saying that the place that they are going into has already been claimed and also occupied. It acts like a warning to an outsider that the intrusion is a risk and threat of violence. Dogs who howl announces that they are present and they are alerting their community the changing of circumstances. In this type of context, howling also functions as some sort of their defense mechanism to ward off the potential predators and ensures that the other dogs in a pack are safe.

In a setting that’s domestic, like our homes, it might be the exact same reason. Many dogs bark, but some also howl when an unknown person comes to the front door or maybe even a new car standing in front of their driveway.

  • To Express Anxiety and To Attract the Attention It Wants

Here’s a simple reason: Dogs howl because they want attention from us. Many dog owners know dogs can sometimes be very manipulative emotionally as we humans are. When you hear your dog howling, it gets your attention, right? Maybe you’re the type of person who runs through the house wanting to see what’s wrong with our dog, and only find a dog who wants to go play outside. Going through this kind of routine many times will let your dog learn that when they howl, you’ll come running to them.

Of course, there is going to be another why dogs howl. When your dog is aware that you are leaving for a long time, let’s say maybe the whole day. He will start to howl as a type of expression of what we call separation anxiety. Dogs will get sad and lonely and even depressed when they do not have any toys or anything that’s sufficient, they can entertain themselves with when we are not present in our homes. So, howling can also be some kind of protest when they are left alone.

  • An Answer to Bonding Exercises and Stimuli

A dog howling can also be sort of being responsive to an environmental trigger. Usual provocations are the ambulance, the sirens of the police, and the fire engines. These are the noises that my dog usually howls at. The faint sound of the approaching sirens would always make her sit up, and she would join the wailing of the sirens. I still don’t know what the reason for this; she has never howled back when other dogs would howl in our neighborhood. Maybe the siren’s pitch woke a genetic memory in my dog.

It is confirmed that when a certain sound is then perceived, our dogs begin to howl. The trigger and prompts can just be anything, for example, the music at a party, a theme song on a television, and the sound of the musical instruments, we, humans play. The people who enjoy hearing their dogs howl encourage them by joining them in howling. So why do our dogs howl when the sirens wail? Or why do our dogs howl when we howl as well? Maybe it is to join us and be a part of the action being taken.

  • Alerting You of Injury or Even Discovery

Another reason why our dogs howl could be because they are injured and want to express it. We, humans, weep when we get hurt, right? So, for dogs, they howl when they are in a situation of being injured. Our dogs howl so that they can vocalize the pain. Other dogs are trained to use howling when they have discovered something. Dog breeds that are made for hunting howl as a signal that there is a prey or intruder. When dogs have cornered something, they will howl to call his owner’s attention where the location of the intruder is within the vicinity.

  • It’s the Genetics

We humans just don’t end up resembling our parents' appearances, but we can also resemblance our parent’s behaviors, and for dogs, it’s also like that. The personalities of the animals, like us humans, are controlled by our genetics. If a dog’s parents are both calm, very obedient, and gentle dogs, the puppies will end up with the same personalities as it’s parents. Though if one of its parents is very mischievous and full of energy, then there is a possibility that the little puppy will be similar to the parent. If your planning to get a puppy, you should try to meet the pup's parents before getting him.

  • Exercise Is Not Enough

If you want a dog to be happy, he will need physical exercise, walking your dog with a leash won’t cut it. Take that leash off and run freely with your dog. He’ll be happier and won’t end up as a badly behaved dog.

  • Training That’s Dominance Based Will Not Work

We all know that our dogs do not function in a rigid, though a lot of people still give their dogs training on principles of the thing we call dominance. If a dog that’s fearful does growl or even snaps, do not terrorize the poor animal with some physical intimidation because the situation will only worsen. Beating a dog into submission just because they have behaved badly will make the dog behave more badly.

  • Negative Memories Leave A Dog with Very Emotional Memories

Many dogs tremble with so much fear whenever their owners just pass by the clinic where the dog has been to. This is an excellent example that dogs have the ability to recollect the negative encounters that it has been into in the past. Many vets right now are ensuring that our pets do not have to fear pain in experiencing going to the clinic. The really long memories that our dogs have means that dogs can also be taught to always remember the experiences that are positive as well as the negatives things our dogs have experienced. A lot of the bad behaviors that our dogs develop stems from the fear and the anxiety that dogs can also develop.

  • Aggression Is Driven by Testosterone

The hormones of our dogs have a very significant effect to our dog’s behavior. The male dogs become more territorial, more dominant, and will be more interested in getting into conflict when other dogs are present with testosterone. A lot of daycare centers for dogs do not accept entire male dogs, and by entire we mean unneutered, it is because the risk of many dogs fighting can be increased.

There are times our dogs become badly behaved, even dogs that are well behaved. Our dogs do not have any sense of morality, so they do not know if what they have done is right or wrong; they just simply do whatever works for them. So, if you do not want a badly behaved dog, I have your back.

  • You Must Prevent Boredom

Dogs that do not have anything to try to sometimes chew or dig. And you're responsible for what happened. You should afford daily exercise and maybe some entertainment for your dog. You can organize why and when your dog is prone to having a particular bad behavior, then take little steps so that he can overcome it.

  • For Chewing

All of the dogs that exist in this world need to chew. You should accept this kind of fact, take this kind of responsibility and provide your dog with chew toys that are safe and acceptable for him. If he is chewing things from the house, do not just leave him be. You can confine your dog with the chew toys that you have selected, and he will have no other choice but to content his needs with the chew toys. If he doesn’t like the thing you are giving him, try finding the right one for him.

  • For Digging

Do you have a dog that’s in love with digging? Digging for a dog is a very natural instinct and something that just can’t shut down, so do not fight your dig and instead join the digging. You can select a good spot in your yard where he can do his daily digging or during your walks with your dog, where he won’t do that much damage when he is digging. You can encourage him to dig only in one spot by burying a thing that he needs so that he’ll be used to digging in one place only. After that, praise him for doing a good job. You can get a sandbox for your backyard where Spike can dig. If he is not digging in the right place, the reason is that you are not supervising him enough.

You can use positive reinforcement in training your dog. This means you only reward the behaviors that you like and do not give attention to the behaviors that you don’t like. You can praise your dog, give him life rewards like games, going for walks or maybe a car ride, or simply a treat for the good behavior that your dog showed. I’ll be showing you simple steps for positive reinforcement, let’s go!

  • You should come up with a one-word command to teach the behaviors that you want for your pet. The examples for that are sitting, down, stay, and many more. You should remind your family members to be consistent in using the exact command for each of the behaviors.


  • When your dog does the behavior desired, immediately reward him with verbal praise or just a treat. Let him connect the treat with the behavior he has performed. This means that whenever you give him a command, you should always have a treat present with you.


  • Always keep sessions fun and short. Your dog should associate the good things with your commands being obeyed. The training session can also deepen the bond between you and your dog.


  • The treats should be gradually backed off and only be used when your dog has performed a behavior that’s new. Treats won’t be that much needed, though you should remember to reward him with some verbal praise when he performs a command.


  • If you want to maintain the good behaviors that you desire, do not stop using positive reinforcement. Training that is reward-based can help create various behaviors that are desirable to your pet. This can build feelings of trust and also confidence.

I hope that you have learned many things about dogs, and use the positive reinforcement because it is a very helpful method in getting your dog to be a well-behaved dog and not a badly behaved dog.