Top 10 Most Loyal Dog Breeds You Can Own

Ever since, humans have already developed a special, incredible bond with dogs. You can always count on their loyalty, companionship, security, friendship, and love.

Loyalty is among the most desirable dog traits. Unlike other animals, they are not just nice and loyal to you because you give them food, shelter, and care. It is a special connection that you share with them that makes them very loyal.

Whether they are defending your home, sitting by your side throughout the day, going with you to anywhere, or protecting you against other animals, dogs tend to be loyal to the point that they may sacrifice their own lives to ensure your safety. They want to keep you safe the best way they can.

All dogs have instincts for loyalty, but other breeds are known to be the most loyal breeds. The most loyal breeds are extremely devoted and protective to their human families. Although they often make new friends, their loyalty remains on you.

So, if you wish to have a loyal furry companion, here are the top 10 most loyal dog breeds you can own.

  1. Akita

AkitaThe American Kennel Club (AKC) described the Akita to be profoundly loyal. They are also fully devoted to their human families. They are an old Japanese dog breed and were initially bred to guard the nobles during the feudal period of Japan.

One of the convincing pieces of evidence of their loyalty is the story of Hachiko, who ventured to the train station every day to meet his owner. Even 10 years after his owner died, he remained loyal and waited for him to come home.


As puppies, this breed has a strong likeness to bear cubs. Other than being a loyal breed, the Akitas are also known to be strong-willed, intelligent, and do anything to protect their owners. They are entertaining, respectful, and affectionate companion when trained and socialized properly.

Akitas large and puffy dogs that are courageous and alert. Although they are patient with children, they are aloof with strangers.

  1. Beagle

Beagles belong to hunting breeds, so they are often trusted by home security personnel due to the unbelievable sense of smell. Their modern breed originated in Great Britain, but they have already existed dating back to Ancient Greece. Being pack animals, they very attached to their human families.

This breed has been a man’s best friend for centuries. Remember Snoopy? Although he loves doing his own thins, he remains very loyal and devoted to Charlie Brown.


As a pack-oriented dog breed, Beagles love to spend time with their family. It can be with one person or the whole family. They are very eager to cheering their human friends. Many owners find them cheerful, friendly, and kind. For them, their entire lives revolve around and devoted to their owners. You can leave them alone for a couple of hours. Then they will spend the whole time waiting for you to come home.

According to the AKC, beagles are not just very friendly and trustworthy, but also easygoing, merry, and curious. They are rarely violent or aggressive because it is not their nature. But, be aware that they howl and come in a loud voice.

  1. Boxer

Developed in Germany, Boxers were originally used for hunting on a large wild game. Through their powerful jaws, they can bite and hold down deer and boars until the hunters arrived. They are weary to strangers but harmless to their families. So, that’s what makes them good watchdogs. They will alert you once a stranger comes near to your home.

Boxers love to be outdoors. Since they were very perceptive of your emotions, they can be a great shoulder to cry on. They are driven by the instinct to keeping each of your family members safe and happy.


In case you are in trouble, Boxers will quickly arrive and protect you. Then, they will help you feel better. They are intelligent and have good intuition. It is a breed that becomes very sync with the people they love the most. Being somewhat stubborn and strong-minded dogs, you will need a strong guidance and leadership so that you can help them reach their full potential.

Boxers are very active and alert. So, it’s no surprise why they are fun-loving dogs and love to get plenty of exercises together with their human families. They have gentleness and patience with children, but they can also be very protective to them.

  1. Brittany

Back in the 1800s, Brittanies were developed in Brittany Province, France. They were originally used for bird hunting. They are noted for being sweet nature, sensitive, and easy to train. Their size, as well as lovable nature, make them a popular companion and family member to have.

According to the AKC, Brittanies love to exercise, especially when together with people they love. The Animal Planet described this breed to be quick and curious. They have a fondness to playing, scouting, and running. Although they come with an independent streak, they remain very responsive to their owners.


As a fun-loving breed, Brittanies are very enthusiastic and love to do whatever job or activities you give them. Some refer them as spaniels. However, they are closer inbreeding and personality to a setter or pointer.

Brittanies are very active and always ready to tag along with you. This breed requires a lot of daily exercises and enthusiastic to physically and mentally challenging activities. When you bring them to hunting or canine sports, you’ll be amazed by their obedience and agility.

  1. Chihuahua

Chihuahuas are tiny dogs yet with a big personality. Compared to other dogs, they prefer being with their own breed. Other than their noticeable intelligence, they are also very loyal companions. They often weigh less than 4 lbs., making them the tiniest dog breed.

This dog breed is with you until the end. They live for a long time, which suggests that they are very determined to do their job of protecting and staying with you. They are very attached to the people they love.


Many people do not believe that chihuahuas are tiny dogs because they possess a big-dog attitude. Besides, they are also known to have a lot of devotion, gracefulness, and charm. Although their personality may vary, the majority of them are very loyal to their human families and require so much attention.

Chihuahuas have a reputation for being mean to strangers as the way of protecting their owners. They require a gentle, consistent. They can get yappy if you fail to teach them how to moderate their barking. But, since they are easy to train and very intelligent, it’s a lot easier for you to manage their behavior.

  1. Dachshund

Because of their long body, Dachshund is often referred to as a hot dogs or wiener dogs. They can be traced back to Germany and were originally bred and trained to hunt rabbits, badgers, and other prey. That is because of their large paws and stubby legs.

Dachshunds love to have fun and play. They may be small but tend to be very protective of their human families. There plenty of stories about these dogs saving their owners from bear attacks and house fires.


Being bred for hunting purposes in Germany, Dachshunds retain their curios, persistent, and intelligent nature. The AKC described these dogs to be energetic with a keen sense of smell and a friendly personality.

Since they get bored easily, these dogs often found spending time with the people they love. Although they have an independent personality, they still love joining the activities of their families.

  1. Doberman Pinscher

When Doberman Pinschers are raised in the same household as other pets or children, they will love, protect, and enjoy spending time with them. As you properly and responsibly train them, you can prove to you they are great guardians and friends.


Doberman Pinscher is considered by the VetStreet to be among the most loyal dog breeds you can ever own. They are known for their alert and fearless personalities. Since Doberman Pinscher is highly trainable, they often play a vital role in the military and police forces. Apart from that, they also love spending time with human families and do anything active.

  1. German Shepherd

Originated from Germany back in the 1800s, German Shepherds were commonly used by the military and police. They are very active and always display a willingness to learn and serve their human families. They are naturally loyal and tend to bond well with the people they love. You will need a strong training and guidance since they become overprotective of their territory and family.

The remarkable intelligence and easy to train qualities of German Shepherds make them among the most employable breeds other than being the most loyal breeds. They have a reputation for being noble temperaments and require plenty of mental challenges and physical exercises every day. They are also great canine athletes, rescue workers, and guide dogs.


German Shepherds can make incredible family dogs with proper training and socialization, not to mention that they love children. Although they do not make friends immediately, they still make faithful companions. They will never hesitate to stand between you and a potential threat. Once these dogs have chosen you as their person, expect that they will stick with you until the end.

These dogs might have a tough exterior, but they are capable of displaying their feeling, especially a complete devotion to the people they love. They are also gentle with other animals and children and love going family outings. You will need responsible training, setting boundaries, and socialization to ensure that their love and devotion will not result to possessiveness.

  1. Great Pyrenees

In 1824, the Great Pyrenees dogs were brought by General Lafayette in the US. They are another majestic dog breed due to their unconditional loyalty. They were originally bred to be herding dogs, making them true, dependable guardians to their human families.

They are described by most owners to be cuddly, intelligent, patient, and affectionate. On top of that, they love their home. Due to their high level of patience, Great Pyrenees are great family breeds. Interestingly, they do not require a lot of early training as well as ongoing mental stimulation and physical exercises.


Apart from being strong dogs, Great Pyrenees are also beautiful mountain dogs. The AKC described them as calm, smart, and patient dogs. Despite their strong-willed personality, they are very affectionate. They will never fail to give you unconditional love.

As they grow up to 100 lbs. or more, Great Pyrenees dogs require a firm leader. You need to give them consistent training, and they need to learn positive reinforcement and patience. Once you trained them responsibly, you’ll be surprised how devoted and courageous they are. Not only that, they love children and can easily get along with other dog breeds, if socialized early.

  1. Irish Wolfhound

Back in the early days, the Irish Wolfhounds were originally bred for hunting. They enjoy a fenced area to play and gallop. Apart from being among the most loyal breeds, they are also the tallest of the AKC breeds. Although they are very athletic, they will see them do fewer exercises compare to other active breeds.

Irish Wolfhounds have docile and mellow personalities and can be your loyal and reliable companions. They deeply bond with the people they love and want to be included in all aspects of their owner’s life. You may find them too big, but you can safely play with them, even children, as they are very patient.


Irish Wolfhounds are the true definition of “gentle giant.” Despite their massive size, they still remain very kind, affectionate, and calm. Their faithfulness is among the majestic characteristics that make them a good companion until their last day in the world.


The whole world may betray you, but never your furry best friends. The above list top 10 most loyal dog breeds you can own will make you realize that dogs are not just your ordinary pets, but dependable and loyal companion until the end. So, they deserve the best care and unconditional love.