Pet Guide: Is A Cat For Me?

1. Is a Cat Right for You?

Am I prepared to care for a pet for its whole life? Cats have been known to live close to 30 years old, so it’s a long-term commitment, think carefully about the commitment you need to make, as predicting where you are going to be in 20 or more years can be tricky.  While kittens are irresistibly adorable, you will need to be prepared to provide for an adult animal too. If you already have a cat, please treat it well, or you may ruin its life, and you will become a bad owner.

2. Are You Allergic to Cats?


Think about any allergies in the house. Cat allergens can collect on furniture and other surfaces. The allergens will not lose their strength for a long time. Sometimes the allergens may remain at high levels for several months and cling to walls, furniture, clothing and other surfaces. Cats can trigger asthma, and some people are allergic to cat hair or dander (dead skin). If you want to buy a cat, please keep surfaces throughout the home clean and uncluttered.

3. Is My Home Suitable For A Cat?

Before you consider getting a cat you must evaluate your current living situation and decide whether you can realistically home a new cat. If you live in rental accommodation you need to check your tenancy agreement to see whether it permits you to have a cat and then contact your landlord to double check that they have no problem with you getting a cat.

If your current living arrangement is only short term and you know that you will have to move in the not too distant future then it is best to wait until you are more settled before getting a cat. This is because a cat can become quite territorial and it is not uncommon for cats to return to an old home.